Quality and environmental policy

Quality policy

The aim of the quality policy of PPHU MALBOX ZPChr. is to achieve the Customers satisfaction as the main aim of business.

The implemented and improved Quality Management System is in compliance with the Technical Specification ISO/TS 16949:2009 and understood in the Company as the set of actions taken to achieve the above aim.

We declare:

  • commitment of all employees in improvement of quality at each organisational level and constant investing in improving their knowledge;
  • raising product quality and meeting the Customers requirements in terms of quality and timeliness of deliveries;
  • implementation of technical solutions aimed at reducing the production costs and the manufacturing costs;
  • continuous identification and satisfying the expectations of our internal and external Customers;
  • inclusion of the suppliers in the process of quality improving;
  • striving to deliver the Customer only compatible products.

The company management assures that the quality policy is understood and implemented and that all measures are provided to implement it in terms of the internal environment of the company so that all employees can fully engage in achievement of the quality aims.

Adequacy of the quality policy and the quality system is maintained by periodic assessment of effectiveness of the whole quality system and planning the appropriate activities.

Osiek, January, 2013

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Environmental policy


The main aim of PPHU MALBOX environmental policy is to minimize the negative impact on the environment through effective processes management, control and improvement.

The Environmental Policy implemented in our company is suitable for the impact and scale of impacts on the environment. It is the basis to specify the environmental aims and tasks.

The company director and managers undertake to:

  • comply with all the requirements arising from legislation and other legal provisions in the field of the environmental protection;
  • strive to improve the products manufacturing processes, by increasing the quality of the produced products, reducing at the same time their impact on the environment;
  • prevent from pollution of soil and groundwater;
  • take continuous actions to improve the environmental protection and provide funds for the environmental investments - primarily to reduce formation and penetration of noise into the environment;
  • prevent from extraordinary threats to the environment;
  • raise environmental awareness of the employees;
  • plan and implement the environmental programs;
  • continuously improve the implemented environmental management system based on ISO 14001.

The Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees of PPUH MALBOX, implemented and maintained as well as made available to all interested parties.

Osiek, 2 February, 2006

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